Iowa's Creative Corridor Partners

Every day, from the books we read and the films we see to the foods we eat and the healthcare we receive, Iowa’s Creative Corridor touches lives around the world in many thousands of ways.

A remarkable combination of resources has conspired to make Iowa’s Creative Corridor a wellspring of intellectual and artistic pursuits, as well as science, commerce and industry.

Each county in our region has a unique identity and list of assets. Learn more by selecting a county from the list on the left.

About Us

Representing one of the largest laborsheds in the state, the economic development representatives of our area have created a strategic alliance dedicated to economic progress, workforce development, and fostering a culture of innovation.

Here, employers and workforce access to a region uniquely Iowan, founded with a manufacturing heritage, but actively seeking new frontiers and opportunities in information technology, biotechnology and bioprocessing, renewable energy, and educational services.

Iowa’s Creative Corridor has the resources to recruit new businesses and steer expanding companies towards their ultimate goals.  Our proximity to the University of Iowa and the campuses of Kirkwood Community College provides area businesses with the education, research, training, and development support necessary to innovate.

Patents, products and population growth have defined our region as one committed to the advancement and economic vitality of the State of Iowa. 

More to Know

For workforce development initiatives, please visit,, and track employment, job training and skills trends via Kirkwood's website.

The region has created the state's first, certified shovel-ready sites program.  To see certified property and learn more about the program, visit