Locating Data Centers in Iowa's Creative Corridor

Right Location

Iowa’s Creative Corridor is located along Interstate 80 and the I-80 fiber backbone.  Our region has low latency and high speed access direct to the colocation and interconnection center at  350 East Cermak Road in Chicago.

The State of Iowa passed legislation in 2009 to assist a range of companies from large to small with multi-level incentives based on qualified investments in the state. These include sales and property tax exemptions as well as refunds on paid sales taxes (click the PDF link upper left for a copy of the legislation).

Iowa’s Midwest location is statistically one of the safest areas in the United States. Iowa has no or very limited threats from hurricanes, earthquakes, rolling utility blackouts and wildfires (click the PDF link upper left for national risk maps).

Iowa has one of the lowest costs for power in the nation. Our power costs are in the lower quartile pricing for utilities and utility costs in the Midwest are typically 25-40 percent less than the national average, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Right Workforce

Iowa’s Creative Corridor has one of the largest labor pools in the state and consistent double-digit growth every decade. Our tech-savvy workforce learns faster and produces more which helps our region lead the way for innovative companies.

An estimated total of 58,801 people are in the Electrical Manufacturing & IT regional laborshed.
Potential Available Labor Force Per Occupational Category
  • Computer Software Engineers – 3,145
  • Computer Specialists – 1,048
  • Computer Support Specialists – 3,669
  • Engineering Technicians – 4,105
  • Management Analysts – 2,052
  • Network & Computer System Administrators - 786
“Locating in Cedar Rapids gives us access to reliable and low cost utilities, a high density telecommunications infrastructure and a talented and available workforce supported by the state’s excellent education systems and strong research universities.” - Bruce Lehrman, CEO, Involta